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"I just want to say a huge thank you David for everything that HHVUK has done for myself. When I first contacted you back in January, you put me straight into a hotel when all options had run out for somewhere for me to stay. You spoke to my council and advised me on everything I had to do and the council put me as priority need because of you. 

I have now moved into my own place and a huge thank you for the massive food shop I got this morning. I feel like my life is going to be a lot better now and you and your charity kept to your promise. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.” 

“I had it all; a beautiful house, family and nice cars, yet I recall the day it ended and sitting in my friend’s box room with my stuff in a black bin liner. I was the lucky one as I had a solid roof over my head and amazing friends, but my so-called friends were not my friends for long when I really needed them. It taught me a valuable lesson in life to not pin my hopes and dreams on wealth as no matter what or how much you have. It can be gone in an instant. I was on the rocks, but I stayed strong. 

I served my Country with pride, but when I finally swallowed my pride and asked for help, there was nobody there. That was until my friend suggested Helping Homeless Veterans UK. I called them at my lowest point and ready to end it all and spoke to David. He reassured me I would be ok and after filling out my details I was put into a hotel straight away where I have been for the past 10 days.

I found a property that I could afford and after speaking to David, my rent and deposit were paid. I move in on Tuesday with the promise that anything I need, the charity will assist where possible. I can now see my 6yr old daughter and 4yr old son on Christmas Day and my wish has come true. Thank you HHVUK for saving me and giving me back hope.

"Helping Homeless Veterans UK have given me a lifeline, for myself and my son.
I have been wanting to move for quite a few years now but felt trapped in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.  When I tried to leave before, the person threatened suicide and I felt guilty and again stayed (and also I had nowhere to go to).

I now about to settle in a place where I feel relaxed and safe, I have a friend living 20 minutes away who has been so supportive. Thank you, Helping Homeless Veterans UK, for all your support."

“Hi David. I wanted to give you an update on my brother Steve, who you helped last year kit out his flat. Do you remember him homeless in High Wycombe? Well, he hasn't looked back since! He is doing brilliantly - got a job, got a new love in his life and he’s getting a car on Friday.

He's happy David. He is truly at peace with himself. Thanks so much.”

"What can I say - I owe my life to Dave and the team at HHVUK! I came across Dave and the team at my very lowest. Hours before I was stood looking at the Mersey! Nowhere to go, no roof, no safety and petrified of a night on the streets, because I know this city so well!

Dave gave me a call and rescued me! Later that day I had a hotel for a week. Someone at the end of the phone! And the promise of a home when I found one. People and charities tend not to make promises, as they know they can't keep them. When Dave and HHVUK make you a promise, they not only keep it but smash it out the park. Me and my son can never thank them enough."

"I can't thank you enough for everything your organisation has done for me. I can't put into words how happy I am to have everything I need. It's really made my flat a home. Iam over the moon. I thought the card was a really nice touch. Thanks again, it really is amazing what you guys are doing for people.”

Rob – ex-Army veteran

My marriage broke down in November last year. I lived on a campsite, and then sofa surfed until my good friend **** gave David Wood a nudge. David and his team put me up in hotel on Jan 1st. I was so overwhelmed. David and his team put me up in hotel on Jan 1st. I was so overwhelmed. After 2 weeks of HHVUK paying for my comfortable bed and breakfast stay, my 16-year-old daughter was struggling with the split up of our marriage. She came to me. David and his team then funded another week for my daughter and I and helped find us a home 10 mins from where my other four children live. And what an amazing home it is. But it did not finish there. After paying our deposit and 1 month’s rent as well, you had me crying with happiness. The weight has lifted off our shoulders because of you guys. I’m in a really happy place. Thank you all so much. xx”

My story with HHVUK

I had one of the best jobs going as a European lorry driver earning very good money for 22 years and a nice lifestyle. In July last year, I split from my wife and was living in my lorry. I had two speeding fines come through. I did not know about as I was not living at home and having my kids at weekends which was hard because of Covid. I went for a new dream job in December moving airplane jet engines throughout Europe only to find out I had lost my licence, and this is when my world fell apart. I had no job, nowhere to live and no income. I found myself living in a tent on a friend's farm. My boys didn't want to be with their mum and so moved in with me. A friend came to see us and rang David at HHVUK. As I'm ex-Royal Artillery, the next day David moved us in to a hotel, but little did I know Social Services were involved we tried to get private rent but no luck.  In February, with a lot of help and support from HHVUK, I have moved into a 2-bed flat and David, Fred and John came up and furnished the property for me and my boys. I cannot believe the support I have got from them and an ex-veteran Paul. Thank you everyone from me and my boys.”

“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to you all, to the point I will be donating regularly once I’m back on my feet and my funds are sorted. I genuinely though I’d be sofa surfing for months, and although I’m mentally stronger than 2 years ago, it was my only concern. Thank you so much for the swift response and help.”

“I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your unbelievably amazing charity. I pick up the keys to my and my partners new flat on Thursday. You have save my relationship and got me and her good self back on track. You are the closest person to god. Thank you thank you.”

“I am a 60-year-old veteran. I was homeless and had just had a major operation and I didn’t know what to do. In the past I had tried the normal route but had had no luck. I put a plea out on social media on a group I am in for ex-service personnel. Eventually I was put in touch with David from Helping Homeless Veterans UK, who immediately started looking after me. He got in touch with the council and after a few phone calls (mainly David trying to get an answer or get someone to deal with my case), I was eventually given a place in a hostel for the homeless. I have been here approx. 3 months now and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have now been offered a bungalow (due to my medical needs). I cannot move in for approx. 12 weeks due to work they need to do, but I am now on the right road to getting settled and getting my life in order. I OWE IT ALL TO DAVID AND HIS TEAM at HHVUK. I don’t know where I would be without them. I owe them a BIG thank you.”

“Just to let you know the council has finally approve by move and will be paying the landlord the rent advance within the next 4 days. As soon as he receives said payment, I can move in. I would like to thank you millions for the assistance you have give me. Above all else just talking with you made me feel a whole lot better morale wise and helped my get through this knowing that you made me feel I was not alone.” 

“I just wanted to thank you once again. I have had the best night's sleep for quite a while and now I’m waiting for breakfast to arrive at the table. Once again, thank you.”

"Hi David. I am overwhelmed with you, and chuffed. So happy too. You are a top-class gentleman. I love what you have engineered and founded. You will get notice from the top people on this great country of ours. Today was fantastic with **** also. Myself and **** are so happy with everything you do and represent. Your attitude is top class, you are tough and that is absolutely spot on. Thank you."

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