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Trustees' Bulletin

Reference: Trustees Meeting

on 2nd October 2022

1. David Wood & Lisa Evans

We are delighted the confirm that David Wood and Lisa Evans have been persuaded to continue delivering our homeless veterans casework and ongoing support as trustees of HHVUK. 


This decision has been made easier by the hundreds of supportive messages received from our supporters.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to message the charity.


2. Social Media: AC Cobra Draw

The Trustees have noticed some comments on social media regarding the AC Cobra Raffle. The draw was operated on behalf of HHVUK by a third party organisation and the fundraising activity was run and completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of purchase. The draw fully complied with all statutory and regulatory compliance.


Although the ticket threshold for the AC Cobra was not reached, the cash prize winners were delighted to have won.


For clarification, the AC Cobra was offered to HHVUK in a supply and return agreement. As the required ticket sales threshold was not met, the Charity was not required to purchase the car.


3. Social Media: Rivo’s Hub

The Trustees have been made aware of social media comments regarding the charity’s move away from Rivo’s Hub.


To clarify, all property owned by HHVUK, which includes material donations for use by the charity in the Garrison Workshop Project, has been removed from the site. This property has been either retained for use or disposed of through open market sale.


As HHVUK has initiated legal proceedings against the operator of Rivo’s Hub, the Charity will not comment on specific details. 


However, we wish to further clarify that HHVUK solely funded and operated the Garrison Workshop Project to offer employment training opportunities to homeless veterans, as well as the frictional benefits of a veterans car restoration project.


The Garrison Workshop Project was not owned or operated by Rivo’s Hub.


4. Submission of Accounts.

The operating accounts were submitted to the trustees from our accountant, and subsequently agreed for submission to the Charity Commission.


5. Moving Forward 

After review, HHVUK will continue to deliver our voluntary work to support the UK’s veterans that reach out to us in time of need.


6. Special Thanks

The Trustees wish thank all of our genuine supporters, who have been staunchly supportive of our efforts to deliver an impressive service to the veterans community.


In short, HHVUK quite simply couldn’t do this without your kind words of support, volunteer time, and generous donations. 



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