CEO Statement

11th Jan 2021

The Directors of Helping Homeless Veterans UK have had to make some changes to the way that we are currently operating at our Organisation. 

Since our Organisation was first formed in September 2019, the number of Veterans reaching out to ourselves has far exceeded anything we ever expected. In our first year of operating, we originally forecast to help and assist 25 Veterans, yet we ended up helping 74 Veterans. 

We have struggled financially to match our spending with our income, but this has been impossible due to the sheer numbers we are dealing with as well as being unable to fundraise due to Covid-19 which means we do not have reserve funds to fall back on.

However, we are proud of the fact that every Veteran that has approached us for help has been given it and we are proud of the fact that over 100 Veterans have had that assistance from us over 16 months.

Recently our CEO has been extremely ill with Covid-19 and made this public throughout Social Media platforms yet the cases kept on coming in which has put a huge amount of pressure on himself as well as the Volunteers that assist him. 
Therefore, it has been decided that Helping Homeless Veterans-UK will now only operate between the hours of
9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and outside of these hours we are available in an emergency by email which is 

Our CEO and Volunteers will no longer except Social Media messages and we ask if you can please email us with any queries you may have.


We cannot except any furniture or clothing at this present time due to hygiene issues over Covid-19, but we are proud to announce that by the end of January we will have our brand-new storage area organized as well as having our donated van for large pieces of furniture. 

Helping Homeless Veterans UK are extremely grateful to each and every member of the public for their support towards us but if we don’t put these stringent measures in place now then our team will suffer from burnout which won’t help anyone. Unfortunately, our Organisation has had to grow and adapt to the challenges at 5 times the pace we expected, and we hope that everyone understands why these measures have been put in place.

Thank you.