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We are so looking forward to this event next weekend

Who is looking forward to rocking out to Ratrace Dorset Ska, they are on stage at 4.30pm on Sunday

Check out our full music line-up and the event below

Poole Seafood Festival 2021 on Poole Quay, Dorset. 25th & 26th September 2021


10.40am Carley Varley 12pm Mother Ukers 1.50pm Dorset Wrecks 2.50pm Dorset Wrecks 3.40pm Jimmy Hillbillies 5.40pm Sixteen String Jack 7.30pm UK Queen - Queen Tribute 9pm Firework Display


11am Finnian Mcgurk 12.10pm Mischa & His Merry Men 1.50pm Wareham Whalers 2.40pm Chris Payn 4.30pm Rat Race - Dorset Ska Band


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